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One of the strong parts of a successful campaign is email application. All our infrastructures including applications are cloud-based. Most importantly we create applications dedicated to each client (For Big Sending). So a particular hosted application will be used for your project only. While others will place you in a shared application with hundreds of clients, in that case, your campaign will be affected by other bad practices. We eliminate that risk to give you the best result possible.

No, absolutely not. We do charge as a package and that is lower than your in-house sending and other service providers and our cloud-based application is 100% FREE. No hidden or additional costs involved there.

Yes. Open and click tracking is one of the important part of an email campaign. Our application will show you detail reporting including, who has opened your email, in which time, what country and using which browser, location, ip, device type and many more. We track so much details out of a campaign so that we can get most out of your database and produce best result for you.

You would always be able to get each piece of information and statistics regarding your project campaigns. But we do not allow to download directly from application for security purposes. All you have to shoot an email to us regarding what statistics you need and you will get that right away.

Cloudbased Email Application

SenderLive - Our application is cloud based, so that our customers can get 99.99% up time for seamless email sending experience.

Dedicated Mail Server & IP

We do use dedicated email servers and dedicated IPs for each client project. So your project is not affected by other client sending.

Dedicated server and strong monitoring is the most important part of a successful email marketing project. We do not use shared IP or shared servers for any campaign. We always allocated and rotate servers each day with multiple IP servers to extract the best output for our clients out of the database. With our experience, we have learned over the years that the use of shared resources is among bad practices as far as email marketing is a concern because abuse or complaint on other client campaigns should not affect your project.

All our servers are multiple IPs and we always rotate IPs in our servers for better results. Every IP and server performance is monitored through automation and by our server experts.

We use PowerMTA as MTA on our servers and unlike others, they have the same server configuration for every client and database which is tested by them. Being for long in the email marketing industry we have learned that MTA configuration must be different depending on the database to get most results out of that and all databases are not the same so how the same configuration can be used with all databases day and day out. We have a strong and experienced expert team and they know how to handle everything.

One of the key aspects of server performance is strong monitoring. We have implemented automation and human monitoring with a special workforce deployed only for server monitoring which helps us to deliver better.

All email list contains inactive emails or hard bounces, which affects campaign performance and brings down template reputation and that not only affect existing campaigns but also affects future campaigns and more scary thing is that may lead your website or landing page to get blacklisted which will bring your brand reputation down. We eliminate that risk through constant list cleaning, PHP redirect, web proxy, and some own techniques which will give you the best performance and more lead generation.

We do syntax check, MX check and our method through which we shoot first a couple of campaigns to your list and then through our mechanism we can easily detect hard bounces (inactive emails) and spam traps and then our application automatically blacklists those emails to stop mailing to those emails in future through our app.

No, we do not charge anything extra for list cleaning. Our service in total as a package and we do not charge anything extra separately, while only for list cleaning others will charge you hundreds of dollars. But with us we will provide you cleaning service as per your plan purchase with us. For example if you have purchased 50k plan with us then we will clean your 50k database only not more than that and which you gonna use in your sending with us as well.

See list cleaning is a long and ongoing process and as email ids and domains get frequently inactive each day.We will clean your list each time you notify our support if you require cleaning.  Your list gets cleaned by our system each day till you work with us. So that always your list stays up to date.

Email List Cleaning

Hard bounces and spam traps must be suppressed from an email list to save your landing page and bring more conversion. We manage all those.

HTML Email Template

A dynamic HTML email template is a key behind a successful campaign. You can design from our site with drag and drop editor and check template spam score.

A dynamic and well-formatted email template brings more conversion or clients for your business. As your email template will represent your business first up. You can design from our site with drag and drop editor and check template spam score.

You must have some idea and content regarding your template and our drag and drop editor is easy to use.

No, we do not charge anything extra for the email template. Our service in total as a package and we do not charge anything extra separately, while only for email template others will charge you some of the dollars.

No issue with that. If you already have your email template then you are good to go and you can use that for your sending. But having more than one template is better for the project.

See redirecting or hiding your actual landing page is most important part in email marketing, as if your direct website link is used then it will drag down your website or landing page reputation score and this will not only affect your future email marketing campaigns but will also affect your website ranking in search results and ultimately you will lose your future clients. So to handle the issue, we use PHP redirect in our web applications which will hide any link on your email template with a custom link. Actually, blacklist monitors will see the custom link but in the backend, it will be your website and your website will be safe. Some times we also add our web proxy as well, which is a shield to protect your webpage.

Applications we use are well tested and all are PHP based and configured such a way that any link within email template will redirect through the PHP link so that everything works through automation. So you do not have to worry about that, that’s our job.

No, we do not charge anything extra for this service. Our service in total as a package and we do not charge anything extra separately.

Having a landing page is always good for email marketing, which not only lets you provide a brief introduction of your business to your prospect clients but also lets you capture leads easily. Our suggestion is having a landing page is a good idea but not a must thing to have.

PHP Redirect & Web Proxy

We use PHP redirect, web proxy and our proxy server redirect (if necessary) to hide your actual landing page from exposing to blacklist monitors.

Open and Clicks Tracking

Every action of each subscriber on your email list is tracked by our application with unique id for each campaign sent by you and you can check that as well.

We track most of the possible pieces of information available of each subscriber on your email list. Pieces of information includes open, click, timestamp, who opened the emails, who clicked the emails, from which country, IP address of the subscriber, browser, operating system, device type, etc. this things not only helps us to research on your database but also helps us to modify our next sendings on your database to bring more conversion for you.

These all are taken care of by the email application.

Open and click tracking is very important. You can gather all opener and clicker email ids and create a database with that and research nature of their subscribers and then create another separate campaign based on their nature with a fresh email template based on their interest and that will increase the chance of a conversion.

You can always get each piece of information you required, but you can not download directly from the application but you would be able to see it from the application. If you need any information, all you have to do is to send us an email asking about what information you required and our team will get back to you with all the information. We do also send you a regular update about the progress of your project so you can get a lot of information from there as well as from your application login.

You can always contact us through our contact us at Email: support#senderlive.com ( replace # with @ ) or you will be provided a support skype id to contact us for instant solution for any issue regarding your project. Please note that if you are not our existing client and want to contact us for any query regarding our service then shoot your email at Email: info#senderlive.com ( replace # with @ ).

Our support is always fast and ready to answer. Please note we have fixed office timing and you can find about our support hour in our contact us page.

If you have sales related query you are advised to talk to our representative through our website live chat or you can contact us through other mediums as well and you can find all options to contact us on our contact page.

We have different plans and you can choose one from there according to your requirements. All details regarding our pricing you can find on our pricing page.

Fast & Best Support

The strongest part of the service is our support team. Our support is always on time and ready to respond. To make it faster we have moved from the ticketing system to skype support.

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